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To Whom It May Concern;
Our relationship with Unity of Indiana extends many years. During that time, I have been able to observe their interaction and involvement with our clients and their families. I have found them to be compassionate, honest and dedicated to our consumers. They have conducted meetings with integrity and dignity that recognizes the sense of worth of each consumer. They also have the ability to work well with a variety of people, including our staff, to forge a commitment to improving the lives of individuals with Disabilities.
Overall, I have found that Unity of Indiana have established themselves as one of the most professional providers of Case Management that I have seen in my thirty-five years as Executive Director of our Agency. Therefore, I recommend that you seriously consider Unity of Indiana's application for Case Management so as to ensure the quality case management our consumers deserve.

 Charles N. Schroeder
Executive Director

Unity of Indiana Case Management is a family owned and operated agency originating in 1998.  The mission of Unity of Indiana is to assist individuals with special challenges by advocating, networking, and resourcing services to promote quality life. Unity of Indiana’s intent is to empower individuals to pursue their life goals and dreams. Unity of Indiana is an Indiana based agency; not a subsidiary of or controlled by a large out of State Corporation.  As a family owned business, the culture extends to a set of values that encourages respect, ethical and ethical behavior by providing consumers/families a solid foundation of services driven by choice.

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Hello, I am Charlie Anderson and I am a person who is on the "big" waiver.  I get residential services, day services, and community services, and also case management.
I am in favor of Unity of lndiana becoming a case management company again.   They were my case managers before we had one company.  I thought they provided good services and I liked that they were a small company who was easy to reach. I think they offered better services than a big company like IPMG. They were always easy to call and helped me with problems as best they could. They were always friendly and involved with me. I could call them when I needed to.  I think they saw me more often when they were Unity of lndiana.  I could always depend on them to do what they said they would do.
I would really like to see them be a small company again as Unity of Indiana, and I would like them to be my case management provider.
Charlie Anderson

RE:  Unity of Indiana

To whom it may concern:
It is vital for all concerned that Independent Providers of Case Management be professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to ensuring the consumer receives the appropriate services necessary for their success and safety.  Based on our former long-term personal experience with Unity of Indiana, it is with great pleasure that we submit this letter of recommendation to the FSSA - Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services recommending that Unity of Indiana be accepted as an Independent Provider of Case Management.

 Unity of Indiana Case Managers were directly responsible for our son Benjamin’s development and successful progress.  Without Unity of Indiana Case Management services, our son would never have had this opportunity to develop.  From his youngest years to adulthood, Unity of Indiana Case Managers consistently provided the absolute best case management services available, effectively coordinating high quality consumer-focused services while by keeping the team focused on meeting goals and unique consumer needs.  Working with Unity of Indiana Case Managers, they always conveyed a level of confidence that is not only reassuring for the consumer, but is respected by the team assembled to meet that consumer’s needs.  When issues or challenges arose, Unity of Indiana Case Managers dealt with the challenges or issues promptly, effectively and professionally.  
We highly recommend that Unity of Indiana be approved as an Independent Provider of Case Management. 
Todd & Rebecca Willis   

To Whom It May Concern:
Prior to there being the sole case management  company for all DD Waivers, our organization worked with Unity of Indiana on a daily basis. I consider
Unity of Indiana to be one of the top case management  companies we have ever worked with.  They were prompt in meeting consumer needs, responsive to requests, and knowledgeable in all areas of case management.
I believe adding Unity Of Indiana to the list of approved case management companies would be of great benefit to individuals  receiving services through the Waivers, as well as to providers such as Companion Care Company.

Sincerely yours,
Marty Worline, President

Companion Care Company